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(VOD) (Interview with Celebrity) Lee Jong-man, Chairman of “The 3rd Geumsan International Martial Arts Olympiad Festival” Promotion Committee
이종만 국제무예올림피아드 수석 부총재, 명사 인터뷰
(사)국제무예올림피아드(IMAO) 수석 부총재겸
`2023 IMAO 세계금산인삼축제` 추진위원장
기사입력: 2023/06/10 [06:11] ⓒ wtu


 Dr. Lee jong man (WTU)

Q1: Before starting the interview, could you briefly introduce yourself?

A: Hello, this is Lee Jong-man and I am the chairman of promotion committee for “The 3rd Korean Geumsan International Martial Arts Olympiad Festival” to be held during “The 41st Geumsan Insam(Ginseng) Festival” on 2023-2024 Visit Korea Year.


Q2: How did you start working with International Martial Arts Olympiad?

A: I started working with the International Martial Arts Olympiad thanks to Oh No-kyun. He is an important Taekwondo figure in Chungcheong regions and he was the professor of Chung Cheong University. He organized the first IMAO in Guam and the second IMAO in Boeun, Chungcheongbuk-do. We are working together to promote the third IMAO at Geumsan-gun.


Q3: Could you share your Taekwondo career when you were the platoon leader at Vietnam in 1970s.

A: AI started learning Taekwondo when I was in a middle school. After graduating college, I was appointed as an officer and dispatched to Vietnam War. As the platoon leader, I continued Taekwondo with my fellow soldiers. The Vietnamese children loved Taekwondo and they soon learned that Taekwondo is a great martial art. I taught Taekwondo to Vietnamese children and I actually used some Taekwondo skills during the actual fight. This also shows that Taekwondo is a useful martial art. Since Taekwondo is trained in 211 countries around the world and protects and defends own body, Taekwondo is enjoyed by many young people globally. There were some Vietnamese people who were afraid of Korean soldiers and Taekwondo during the Vietnam War. So, I am really proud of Taekwondo.


Q4: What’s your plan for the 3rd Korean Geumsan International Martial Arts Olympiad Festival and how will you promote it?

A: Taekwondo has been practiced as the unification strategy since Unified Silla Dynasty. In the modern history, the King Jeongjo invented Gwon Beop-style martial art with the love for the country. The International Martial Arts Olympiad trains a total of 100 members in 5 teams to hold the International Martial Arts Olympiad during The 41st Geumsan Insam(Ginseng)Festival. The Gwon Beop and Taekwondo are the proud martial arts of Korea. Especially, Taekwondo is valued and respected around 211 countries.


Q5: How do you plan to co-host 41st Geumsan Insam Festival and 3rd International Martial Arts Olympiad on this October?

A: Ginseng, Taekwondo, and Kimchi represent Korea and they are the prides of Korea, too. As everyone knows, Geumsan is the home of ginseng and it is the gift from the heaven. Just like Taekwondo, ginseng is spread globally and both of them are prides of Korea. In order to make a festival that combines Taekwondo and ginseng together, we are currently working on the basic concept. Especially, Kukkiwon’s training center, Taekwondowon, is located at Muju, Jeollabuk-do, which is near Geumsan. Joongbu University is located in Geumsan-gun, and The 41st Geumsan Insam Festival is held in Geumsan, too. By holding The 3rd International Martial Arts Olympiad at Geumsan, Taekwondoists visiting Muju from different countries will be training and getting Dan certificates there and Taekwondo lovers will be participating in the festival. These people can visit Geumsan-gun to buy ginseng, tour around different areas, participate in events, and visit Daejeon to travel Ssangcheongdang, wear Hanbok, try Korean food, and buy things at the Joongang Market near Daejeon Station. Our first goal is to make these people visit Daejeon and Geumsan to enjoy Taekwondo and ginseng together. The 41st Geumsan Insam Festival is held from October 6th to October 15th. We will be also holding The 3rd Korean Geumsan International Martial Arts Olympiad Festival and demonstrating Taekwondo and Gwon Beop for four days from October 13 to October 16 to show the beautiful martial arts passed down from our ancestors.


Q6: What’s your motto?

A: My motto is “Harmony in Patience” and it means to be patient at all times. There is an old saying that you can achieve anything by remaining patient three times a day. My life motto is to be patient at all times for the harmony.


Q7: Do you have a special comment?

A: I am currently working on The 3rd Korean Geumsan International Martial Arts Olympiad Festival with our loved and respected President Oh No-kyun, training Gwon Beop with our local Taekwondoists, and learning from people who inherited the traditional Taekwondo. All these experiences taught me that I am capable of continuing Taekwondo activities even in old age because I have been training Taekwondo since childhood. Since Taekwondo involves movement of all bodies, including hands, legs, and back, I plan to spread and show off Taekwondo continuously.


Q8: Do you have a comment for people who will be visiting The 3rd Geumsan Insam Festival in upcoming October?

A: We are closely working with Geumsan-gun to thoroughly prepare 3rd Korean Geumsan International Martial Arts Olympiad Festival and The 41st Geumsan Insam Festival to be held from October 6 to October 15. We promise to care and treat all global Taekwondoists and martial artists in the festival. I also would like to appreciate all Taekwondoists in Korea and other countries.Thank you.



이종만 (사)국제무예올림피아드 수석 부총재겸 `2023 IMAO 세계금산인삼축제` 추진위원장 인터뷰 리스트.


1. 우선 위원장님 간단한 본인 소개 부탁드립니다?


2. 어떻게 국제무예올림피아드와 인연이 되셨나요?~


3. 70년대 파월 소대장 시절 그 당시 태권도 활동상을 회고해 주세요?


4. 국제무예올림피아드 발전방향 구상은 무엇인가요?


5. 태권도 가치나 위상은 무엇 이라고 생각하시나요?


6. 평소 좌우명은 무엇인가요?


7. 특별 하시고 싶은 말씀 있으시면 해주세요? 


8. 올해 10월 금산세계인삼 축제와 국제무대에 올림피아드

   행사를 어떤 방향으로 공동 진행하고 자 하시는지요? 





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